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Can You Feel The Love Tonight (French)

"L'amour brille sous les étoiles, d'une étrange lumière... La terre entière, en parfaite harmonie, vit un moment royal."

In terms of Luminosity/Contrast, which one do you think looks better ? 

3 deviants said This one :
1 deviant said My scanner is ruining all the colors :mad: these are the best scans I could do please tell me which one looks better ! :)
No deviants said Or this one :



The group FutureDisneyArtists is holding a Disney Secret Santa this year, please join us so it can be a great event and a lot of fun !!!
Hello members ! Christmas, our favourite time of year, is slowly coming, and we thought : what a better way to celebrate it than a Disney Secret Santa ?  :iconsantalaplz::iconreindeerla::iconchristmasla:

Star!  What is a Secret Santa ?

The tradition of Secret Santa is a gift exchange, where the person receiving the gift doesn't know who the giver is going to be. Seems like a lot of fun, doesn't it ? :D (Big Grin)

Star! How will it work ?  

At the bottom of the journal you will find a questionnaire. Please copy the questions and send your answers in a note titled "Secret Santa Questionnaire"  to CherishTree  DO NOT SEND YOUR QUESTIONNAIRE TO THE GROUP! As the admis may participate and they'll have access to the group notes.  You'll have until the 10th of november to send your questionnaire and so to apply the Secret Santa. Between the 100th and the 13th of November I will add a journal to my STASH with everyone's answers assigned a number (with the name removed, of course).  I will note each participant the link to the journal and participants will then reply with their first 5 choices. Assignments will be made (by note) on a first-come, first-serve basis.  When a number is assigned, it will be removed from the journal.  This will be explained in detail in the assignment note.

Remember to send your note to CherishTree! Do not leave your questionnaire in a comment either! That wouldn't be very secret. Wink/Razz

Star! Who may participate ?

Participation is open to any member/watcher of FutureDisneyArtists and Art-Tutoring-Program
We have absolutely no requirements on skill level or main artistic medium.  Everyone is welcome to participate.

Star! Rules, Due date, Infos, etc ...

Bullet; Red As it's a Christmas gift, your present must be done before the 31st of December. Post the deviation to your gallery and send both your recipient and me (CherishTree) a note with the thumb or link. Your gift will appear in the featured folder of:devFutureDisneyArtist:.
Bullet; White Your gift must adhere to normal group rules: there must be a canon Disney character, place, or thing present. All work must be your own. No screenshots, Disney promotional photographs, or any official Disney art may be used.
Bullet; Green Medias allowed or traditional, digital, hand crafts, sculpture, litterature, photography
Bullet; White Admins reserve the right to reject a gift. We will not ever reject a gift based on skill level, but if it's clear the deviation only took 15 minutes or none effort was put in it, or you took one of your old deviation, we'll refuse it and reassign a Swing Santa to your recipient. 
Bullet; Red As a recipient, if you feel that you have been given an inappropriate gift please note me personally. Remember skill level will not be a consideration - if it is clear your Santa put thought and effort into their gift it will be accepted by the group. If the gift is ultimately rejected by the group you will be assigned to one of our swings

Star! What happens if someone doesn't complete their gift ?

Bullet; Red If you pull out of Secret Santas before you have received your gift, no harm done. Your Santa will have the choice of still completing your gift or being reassigned to a swing position.
Bullet; White If you pull out of Secret Santas after having received your gift but before the 25th of December (which allows time for the Santa to be reassigned to a swing), you will go onto the "Coal List" on the journal, so everyone will know you mooched art off of someone without giving any in return.
Bullet; Green If by the 31st of December you have not completed your gift but have received yours, you will forfeit your group membership and any art you have in our gallery will be removed. You will then be added to the group's blocked list. Because it's just not fair to receive a gift and not giving one in return.
Bullet; White For recipients, if your Santa has pulled out of the project or if you haven't received your gift by the 31st of January, you'll be reassigned to a Swing Santa, who will make you a gift that you will receive by the 6th of January
Bullet; Red So in short, if you think that for any reason you may not be able to get a piece done by the 31st of December, do not sign up for this Project.

Star! The Questionnaire :

1. First Name: (not required) (this will not appear on the assignment journal)

2. Favorite Disney Movies: (list as many as you like; only the first 5 listed will appear on the assignment journal)

3. Favorite Disney Characters: (list as many as you like; only the first 5 listed will appear on the assignment journal)

4. Favorite Disney Miscellanea (Places, Games, Shows, Music, etc.): (list as many as you like; only the first 5 listed will appear on the assignment journal)

5. My Idea of a Perfect Gift: (this will appear on the assignment journal)

6. Art Mediums I prefer to receive: (this will appear on the assignment journal)

7. Other things I'd like to share with my Santa:

8. I [can][cannot] be a Swing Santa if someone should not complete their gift. (It means if someone leaves the project, you're disposed to make a present to the recipient he had been assigned to)

And nooow ................................ Let's start !!!


Beauty and the Beast Contest ! ONE MONTH LEFT

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 23, 2013, 1:05 PM
Quick update to let you know that the Historical Contest held at BeautyAndHerBeast end in one month, so if you want to enter it hurry up !

Hello there, I just wanted to let you know that my group BeautyAndHerBeast is currently holding a contest . The theme is "Historical Era", you choose the historical era of your choice (can be Middle Age, Renaissance, Future, the 80's ... everything is fine) and you apply it to the BandB character of your choice :) 
More infos about the contest can be found here :

If you feel interested by this contest, feel free to participate ! The more we are the more we have fun ! 
Also if you'd like to donate a prize it would be really kind from you, we really need some more prizes, to make the contest even more exciting ! :iconyaayplz:
I really hope to see you there ! 

Link to the group : :iconbeautyandherbeast:


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MoonLuna18 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Hello I have questions about secret santa if you  do not mind
CherishTree Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist
Don't mind at all :) 
And thanks for the watch by the way ! :hug:
MoonLuna18 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
oh sorry I did not introduce myself yet. I am Eszter or Sofia. :)

So I am surprised that you sent this invitation to me. Because there is an autumn now and everybody prepares for the Halloween at this time generally. And I was surprised that somebody  plays  secret Santa now. :)
So I read your message and sounds like interesting the topic so I would like help you. :)

But I don't understand it
CherishTree Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist
Nice to meet you Sofia :aww:
Yeap I know Halloween is super close, but a Secret Santa evet has to be prepared at least two months before christmas, beacause it needs a looooot of arganization, believe me :faint:
Well a Secret Santa is an event in which people make christmas gifts to each other, but it's anonymous, you won't know who will make you a gift until the day you receive the gift :) don't worry we're not talking about material gifts (we don't have the money for it), the gifts are only drawings :)

 Concerning the process, this is how it will work :

:bulletred:Every person wanting to participate must send me a questionnaire with their answers before the 17th of November. The questionnaire is at the bottom of this journal  Ready for Disney Secret Santa 2014 ?!?!Hiii fellow members !! The time has come to sart our 2nd exclusively Disney Secret Santa !! For those of you who are not aware, last year we held a Secret Santa to celebrate Christmas and our love for Disney, and it went so great, and it was such a big succes (and so much fun) that we've decided to do it again this year !
You can find all the entries of last year here : last year we got 66 participants, let's hope this year there will be even more, the more we are the best it is ! ;)
:iconchristmasla:So ... Disney Secret Santas 2014 is officially OPEN !!! :iconsantalaplz:

:star:  What is a Secret Santa ?
The tradition of Secret Santa is a gift exchange, where the person receiving the gift doesn't know who the giver is going to be. Seems like a lot of fun, doesn't it ? :D
:star: How will it work ?  

:bulletred:The 20th of November I will publish a list with the answers of every participants (but instead of putting their name i'll give them a number, for example if you want to participate, I'll call you number 15 instead of MoonLuna18 so it's absolutely anonymous)
:bulletred:You'll have to choose 5 numbers (whose answers appeal you) from the list and send me these 5 numbers on a note. I'll give you one of the number you've chosen and you'll have to make the gift this number has asked (I will also reveal you the real name of this number). At the same time, another contestant will choose your number (number 15) and I will reveal them your name they'll have to make you the gift you've asked for in the questionnaire. 
:bulletred: When Christmas arrives, you send a note to the recipient of your gift saying "Hey I was your Santa this year and I made this gift fro you" and you'll send them a ling to your gift. And you will receive a note form the person who has made your gift saying the same thing. And voilà :)
(1 Reply)
CHCHcartoons Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014
Hi. So I'm going to send my work to the Art Tutoring Program to be critiqued, and I have a few questions. Do I have to gov rout my real name? When I introduce my art, do you mean the art that I need help on, or my art influence as a whole? If a whole, may I send in my influence map that will explain the whole thing? Finally, for the four works do I need to show what I need help improving on, or show others peoples work that I want to do well as? Sorry, I'm new to this art tutoring thing.
CherishTree Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Hobbyist
Hey, no worries, it's my duty to answer your questions after all :) 
You don't have to give your real name if it's a problem to you, a nickname could be enough. When we say introduce your art, we mean as a whole, what inspires you, how you would define your style, etc ... and yeap you can send it ! And concerning the four works, they must be done by you, you can send your best works or whatever as long as they're made by you.
I hope I've answered all your questions, sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language  :)
InvidiaS Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
CherishTree Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Hobbyist
Hi ! So sorry for the late answer, I took two weeks of Holidays in Portugal and we didn't have any computer, I should have let you know I wouldn't be able to help during that time, my apologies !
I hope you haven't had too much trouble managing the group during this time :/
InvidiaS Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hope you had a wonderful trip.
I was mostly just confused and a bit worried. Blue is off the radar too.
CherishTree Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist
It was great thanks ! :) 
Yeah I've noticed that, she hasn't been active for a while, should we contact her ?
(1 Reply)
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